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Test and Business Magazine

“It‘s good to know that RMail provides not only proof of delivery and proof of content, it also comes with proof of compliance whenever we send private or confidential information online.”

Sarah Bartel – Head of Media Department

Introduction of an email solution for secure and confidential digital communication.

RMail suite consisting of data protection compliant encryption incl. Registered Receipt Email (proof of delivery and compliance).

Benefits / Advantages

  • Virtually no implementation efforts
  • Simple and straightforward use, directly from existing email program (Outlook)
  • Compliance with data protection regulations (GDPR, BDG)
  • Sending large file attachments up to 1 GB



The test and business magazine FACTS has been providing a mix of information and background reports covering the modern business world like business communication, organisation and equipment for 25 years.
The magazine distinguishes itself from similar publications with its unique test approach. FACTS helps readers to assess the best tools for everyday office life and to make the right investment decisions.

IT decision-makers, CEOs of large and medium size companies, procurement managers of global players and industry influencers rely on FACTS for their investment decisions.

The Story

As part of a product test, FACTS could already get a first impression about the simple, secure, uncomplicated and above all self-explanatory handling of RMail.

During the test, RMail integrated seamlessly with FACTS‘ existing Outlook program and the installation took only a few minutes to complete.

During the testing phase, RMail convinced not only with its secure and verifiable transmission of the data, but also with many complementary features such as the delivery of large files and the use of private notes. Therefore FACTS decided to continue using RMail for its digital communication, also in view of the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the associated protection requirements when processing personal data.

First Experiances

FACTS uses RMail especially to send documents which need to be kept confidential and which are therefore usually not sent by email. These include documents like payslips, but also order confirmations and contracts with customers and communication with business partners.

With regard to the communication, FACTS pays particular attention to the secure and legally compliant encryption of the data as well as to the reception of a delivery confirmation that provides high evidential value in the case of a dispute in court and that serves an auditable proof of compliance towards General Data Protection Regulation. The feature „Secure Reply“ allows recipients to answer encrypted providing additional security.

Co-operation and Roll Out

The introduction of RMail at FACTS was completed by Frama Deutschland GmbH within a very short time.

A direct contact person was available to assist FACTS at any time, however there were no noteworthy difficulties or problems.

The Verdict

FACTS appreciate the RMail platform and cannot see themselves using any other system in the future. The simple and uncomplicated use was very convincing. FACTS are completely satisfied with Frama‘s support. However, after the introduction of RMail almost no support was needed because of the smooth functioning of this solution.

Contact Information FACTS

FACTS Verlag GmbH
Theodor-Althoff-Straße 45
45133 Essen

Tel. 0201 87126800