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RMail Success Story – Leigh Carr – Chartered Accountants

Leigh Carr

Chartered Accountants

“Having been made aware by Frama of the risk associated with the coming introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation, we were surprised at how vunerable the accountancy and finance sectors are to the potential fines for non-compliance imposed by the ICO. The RMail solution provided has given us the confidence that we are now fully compliant when sending client information via encrypted email.”

Ralph de Souza - Partner

Introduction of secure, encrypted email solution to be compliant with GDPR when communicationg with clients and Governing bodies via email.

RMail solution made up of Encryption with Auto-TLS and Registered Receipts.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • Introduction of secure email service for sensitve outbound email communication


About Leigh Carr

Leigh Carr is a medium-sized chartered accoutants with big-company resources and a rather wider range of specialist expertise that you might expect - in fields such as corporate finance, litigation support, corporate recovery and computer consultancy.

Rather than suppress the individuality of their partners and managers, they tend to do the opposite.

If you want to work with like-minded people who see the world the way you do, the odds are you’ll find them at Leigh Carr.

The Story

Frama understands the potential risk that exisits in the financial sector, especially when email communication is used to send sensitive financial and client information. The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU requires in-depth analysis of existing data acquisition, data processing, data storage and data transmission workflows where private data is concerned. Having been made aware of the risks by Frama, Leigh Carr has chosen to be proactive by implimenting the RMail solution.

The protection of sensitive financial data is of paramount concern to Leigh Carr in protectiong reputation and remaining compliant with GDPR legislation.

Leigh Carr selected the RMail solution to ensure that when transmitting client information it could be done so in the most secure manner and in compliance with new GDPR legislation. With its built-in encryption, RMail makes sure that private information remains private. After evaluating other encryption services, none of these were able to offer the same same user experience.

First Experiances

Leigh Carr were impressed by the overall ease of installation. Frama provided a link to download the application on to each users desktop. This enabled installation in seconds! The user training provided was easy to understand and involved no prior technical knowledge.

From the date of installation Leigh Carr has peace of mind that all emails containing sensitive financial information is compliant with new GDPR legislation.

In addition, with the recent rise in cybercrime and in particular email fraud, RMail has provided Leigh Carr with the security required to guard against these threats.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Frama UK carried an initial consultation to the Partners and operations team. This was used understand the current workflows and potential risks faced by Leigh Carr.

Following this consultation, Frama was in a position to recommend the RMail solution providing encryption with legal proof of delivery and content.

The Verdict

With many email encryption services available, it is not always easy to know which solution to choose.

RMail provides a unique Registered Receipt proving your compliance with data protection legislation. Without this element, it is not possible to provide evidence of compliance within any audit or legal dispute.

This key benefit combined with ease of use for sender and receiver makes RMail the number one choice for email security and compliance.