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RMail Success Story – Tonic Surgery

Tonic Surgery

“RMail is a fantastic product and all of our staff are amazed at how easy it is for them to use and also for our patients to read. I am incredibly pleased that I can now be confident that communications with patients is now conducted in a secure manner and meets new regulations regarding sending personal data securely. It has allowed us to send contracts using electronic signatures, reducing the time it takes clients to return their paperwork from days or weeks to just minutes!”

Kay Franklin - Patient Director

Introduction of secure email solution to be compliant with GDPR and improve efficiencies when dealing with patient contracts and appointments.

RMail solution made up of Encryption with Auto-TLS, Registered Receipts and e-signature.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • Efficiency improvements through e-Substitution
  • Increased efficiency of client contract acceptance


About Tonic Surgery

Tonic Cosmetic Surgery is a well-established centre of excellence with clinics situated in the heart of Nottingham, Birmingham, Harley Street London and also in Leicester, providing cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments.

All of Tonic‘s surgeons are NHS Consultant Specialist Plastic Surgeons with a wealth of experience and knowledge in the field of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

All operations are carried out in Private luxury local hospitals.

The Story

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU requires in-depth analysis of existing data acquisition, data processing, data storage and data transmission workflows where private data is concerned. As one of the UK‘s leading cosmetic surgery practices, Tonic take client confidentiality very seriously.

Protecting the anonymity of its client base has always been of key importance and with the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 this has come in to sharp focus once more.

Tonic selected the RMail solution to ensure that when transmitting patient information it could be done so in the most secure manner and in compliance with new GDPR legislation. With its built-in encryption, RMail makes sure that private information remains private. In addition, the patient can also reply securely, without having to register for an RMail account.

First Experiences

The roll-out to Tonic was completed ahead of time with no disruption to the business. It was evident to see from day one that the ease of use, efficiencies gained and confidence of compliance exceeded expectations.

The most obvious immediate benefit seen was the turnaround speed of contracts between Tonic and their patients. This has reduce processing time from several days to just minutes.

With recent rise in cybercrime and in particular email fraud, RMail has also provided peace of mind that all email communication now sent by Tonic is secure against these types of attacks. This is of great importance to both Tonic and their patients.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Frama UK carried an initial consultation to the operational team at Tonic. This was used understand the current workflows and pain points enabling Frama to provide a tailored solution.

A part of this solution was to make contracts simple to create and easier for patients to read, sign and return. The roll-out was fast as there is virtually no product training required, the training was mainly targeted towards compliance and data protection procedures.

The Verdict

With many email encryption services available, it is not always easy to know which solution to choose.

RMail provides a unique Registered Receipt proving your compliance with data protection legislation. Without this element, it is not possible to provide evidence of compliance within any audit or legal dispute.

This key benefit combined with ease of use for sender and receiver makes RMail the number one choice for email security and compliance.