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RMail Success Story – United Legal Assistance

United Legal Assistance

United Kingdom

“We use Frama RMail for sending and receiving any company sensitive emails and large files. Frama came in and presented the system to us, and we knew within ten minutes we needed it as an option to be more data compliant and secure. It gives us confidence that data and emails will not be intercepted and our client information is safe. In today’s climate we feel this is a must.”

Adam Hughes - Director, United Legal Assistance

Introduction of secure email service, allowing encrypted emails to used easily by both sender and recipient.

A simple, but powerful add-on providing secure email services at the touch of a button.

Benefits / Advantages

  • Simple and straightforward implementation
  • Registered Receipt (Compliance Record) to demonstrate compliance
  • Auditable Proof of Compliance
  • No portals or sign-up’s required recipients
  • Easy transmission of large files
  • Elimination of need for 3rd party large file transfer website services


About United Legal Assistance

United Legal Assistance is a friendly, honest and professional team with over 20 years experience in the insurance and claims management industry.
They aim to provide a quality and memorable service, whether working on behalf of the broker or while representing the client.
United Legal was founded in 2014.

The Story

The introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU requires in-depth analysis of existing data acquisition, data processing, data storage and data transmission workflows where private data is concerned. With 25 years reputation to maintain, they were unhappy about sending this type of data via standard email connections

Protecting the anonymity of its client base has always been of key importance and with the introduction of GDPR in May 2018 this has come in to sharp focus once more.

With email being an unsafe way of exchanging information. They needed a solution which allowed them not only to send encrypted emails easily, but also make it easy for the recipient. No portals, no logins, no sign ups. They wanted the customer journey to be effortless. They also wanted to give their clients a way of sending BACK personal information securely.

Co-operation and Roll Out

Frama UK carried out an initial consultation to the Management team of United Legal Assitance. This was used to understand the current workflows and pain points enabling Frama to provide a tailored solution.

Within 24 hours of confirmation, Frama was able to install, test and go live with the solution. Initial training was given and additional help and training made available by the dedicated Account Manager.

First Experiances

The roll-out to United was completed on time with no disruption to the business. It was evident to see from day one that the ease of use, additional features and confidence of compliance could be seen by all.

With the recent rise in cybercrime and in particular email fraud, RMail has also provided peace of mind that all email communication now sent by United Legal Assistance is secure against these types of attacks. This is of great importance to both United and their clients.

The Verdict

With many email encryption services available, it is not always easy to know which solution to choose.

Frama RMail provides a unique Registered Receipt proving your compliance with data protection legislation. Without this element, it is not possible to provide evidence of compliance within any audit or legal dispute.

The security afforded by an encrypted email service adds to the value of the product, securing both sender and recipient against possible data breaches.

These key benefits combined with ease of use for sender and receiver makes RMail the number one choice for email security and compliance.