Add private notes for CC and BCC recipients only

General informations

With RMail's SideNote feature, you can easily insert a private sticky note at the beginning of an email message that can be viewed by CC and/or BCC recipients. This can be helpful to explain the context to colleagues or to give additional instructions without requiring a separate follow-up call or message.

Insert a private note

Step 1

Compose your email message in Outlook. You must enter at least one CC or BCC receiver to which you can then send a private side note (SideNote). Then click on the "Submit"button.

Step 2

In the "SideNote" area, select whether to send your marginal note to CC and/or BCC receivers.

Step 3

Write your side note in the yellow text field.

Step 4

Click the "Send" button to send the email with the side note.

This is how your SideNote looks for the recipient

The CC or BCC receivers you have selected will receive your message with the SideNote attached above. This note is not visible to recipients in the "To" field.